communications technology consultants

Brooks-Flemming Associates is an independent professional consulting firm, specializing in the technology of communications for entertainment, business and education.  Our mission is to provide informed and unbiased advice, acting as our client's advocate in ensuring the maximum return on investment. Our extensive experience, both international and domestic, has taught us to understand the unique needs of each project and to be alert to the demands placed upon our clients.
Advances in technology present owners and operators with new challenges in the evaluation, implementation and management of the systems and facilities required.  To assist our clients in meeting these challenges we offer our expertise in the following areas;

- Analysis, Needs Assessment, Site Evaluation
- Facility Design, Specification
- Construction Administration, Systems Implementation, Testing Verification
- Staffing, Training

The types of systems in which we are experienced is broad, and includes the following general classifications;

- Information Technology
- Audio-Visual
- Broadcast and Motion Picture Production

- Surveillance, Asset Protection and Control
- Facility Management, Staffing and Workflow

Our clients include entertainment, hospitality and gaming, education, government and manufacturing. We also offer our services to other design firms to supplant their capabilities in our specialties.

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